Tuesday, June 25 2024

Special Investigations Unit

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is presently comprised of one detective sergeant and one detective who report directly to a captain. The unit is supervised by an assistant prosecutor.

The SIU conducts investigations into a wide variety of matters including allegations of official misconduct by public officials, political corruption, Sunshine Law violations, Open Public Meetings Act violations and other confidential and/or sensitive matters. SIU investigations may involve local or county law enforcement officers, as well as elected or appointed public officials. The SIU also investigates matters referred to the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office from the Office of the Governor and the Division of Criminal Justice. In addition, the SIU conducts internal affairs investigations of complaints against Prosecutor’s Office employees and provides assistance to municipal and county law enforcement agencies conducting their own internal affairs investigations. The SIU is also responsible for providing internal affairs training to local law enforcement agencies as mandated by the New Jersey Attorney General.

The SIU also conducts background investigations on prospective employees of the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office.

In 2018, the Special Investigations Unit was involved in conducting 121 investigations.