Saturday, January 18 2020

Insurance Fraud Unit

The Insurance Fraud Unit was created in June 2001 and is funded by the Insurance Fraud Reimbursement Program through the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice, Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor (OIFP). The Insurance Fraud Unit investigates all forms of insurance and insurance-related fraud including, but not limited to, the areas of healthcare, auto, homeowners insurance, workers’ compensation, simulated motor vehicle cards and arson. One Assistant Prosecutor, one Detective, and one secretary are assigned to the unit.

The Insurance Fraud Unit is a vertical prosecution unit. It handles cases from inception to prosecution. When the Unit receives an allegation of criminal conduct it must determine whether a criminal prosecution is warranted through investigation. Most cases, especially referrals, require investigation by the Insurance Fraud Unit before they are able to be presented to a grand jury. If criminal prosecution is warranted, a criminal charge and/or a presentation to a Grand Jury, is conducted. If an indictment is returned the Unit is responsible for the case until completion.

Cases are developed from information provided by municipal police departments, insurance company Special Investigation Units, the OIFP, the Division of Consumer Affairs, the Department of Health and Senior Services and information from concerned citizens.